Tom McDonnell

I’m a self-employed builder, father of five, husband to local nurse Pauline.  My family have been active in the Newbridge community and enthusiastic Sarsfield players and supporters.  I’ve been at the forefront of highlighting the housing & immigration crisis including a Chairperson roll for the Lakeside, Dara Park and Highfield group where we prevented modular homes being built on a local amenity in the estate.  Myself & fellow independent candidate, Chris McCormack setup EireSaor as a community outreach including a weekly foodbank for the homeless providing food, necessities & shelter every Saturday outside the town hall.


My Priorities:

1. Uncontrolled immigration: This topic is causing huge divide in our town & country.  The media have made this issue hard to discuss for fear of being labelled racist or far-right.  Even our own Justice minister, Helen McEntree acknowledged that a vast number of migrants are taking advantage of the IPAS system, they are not genuine asylum seekers yet the government has offered no solution to this problem and are continuing to let the situation snowball out of control.  As a councillor, I will be focused on stopping IPAS centres in Kildare.  We need to close our borders.


2. We lost our only public swimming pool and gym when the Gables was sold to house IPAS/ illegal immigrants. Our monastery which was planned for the youth of Newbridge, has been filled with refugees. I will campaign for the new public swimming pool.


3. The issue with our schools needs to be highlighted and discussed more. 84 local Irish children were unable to secure a place in the PBS this year. I will push for new schools. 


4. Crime is on the rise in Newbridge, I have arranged a crime awareness meeting in the Town Hall on the Sunday 19th of May 6pm with follow up meetings monthly until crime is massively reduced or erradicated.  I am also liazing with the Guards & schools to address the ongoing drug issues and anti-social behaviour in the town.


5. Last but not least, one of my biggest priorities is to reduce waiting times in Naas Hospital.