Éire Saor is an unregistered umbrella group of like minded independent candidates running in the Kildare local elections. Initially, Éire Saor is being setup with two candidates (Críostóir MacCormaic & Tom McDonnell) in the Newbridge area. Our aim is to join up with candidates in nearby towns to form a coalition to take back control of our local council. We intend to stop the council granting planning permission to all premises profiteering off the government manufactured “open-borders” mass immigration crisis. We will do this on the grounds of community safety, fire certificate or whatever means necessary to keep our towns safe. We will not stand for our towns becoming a halfway house’s for the third world’s problems.

A large part of our mission is to rekindle the community spirit of Newbridge through regular food bank’s, town meetings & voluntary work for the elderly & people in need. We want our kids to grow up proud of our culture & heritage just like we did.

If you are interested in running in local elections in your town or helping out with our community building projects, contact us by email or text/whatsapp: