Chris McCormack
Who am I and why should you vote for me in the upcoming local elections in the Newbridge LEA on June 7th?
I’m a self-employed Draughtsman, living in Newbridge all my life. My family on both sides have deep ties to this town going back five generations. My father Christy McCormack was the local fruit & veg man like his father before him. My grandfather Tom Corcoran was the Town Clerk for 40+ years & founding member of Newbridge Tidy towns. I’m running as an independent candidate because the main parties have failed us, we have no voice or representation in the council.


If elected, my top priorities will be:


Tackling mass, uncontrolled Immigration: I will start here by stating clearly, I am fully supportive of controlled immigration through our long-standing legal immigration system. Ireland as a country has benefitted hugely from controlled immigration over the years. I have plenty of neighbours, work colleagues & in-laws that came to Ireland legally. The government & media try to muddy the waters between this legal controlled immigration & the open borders free-for-all we have now where all the checks & balances required to keep our citizens safe are ignored. I intend to stop our towns from being swallowed up by IPAS profiteering. This racket has nothing to do with charity or compassion, it’s driven by greed & corruption from the top down with all the establishment parties & their local puppet-icians fully onboard. But.. not happy with taking our hotels & local amenities, these unscrupulous profiteers are now going after residential properties like in Pairc Mhuire. I will expose this scam for what it is, a money laundering racket for the political class & their cronies. I will also expose the local sell-outs who used their influence-for-hire to prevent our council from using its formidable planning teeth to protect our communities against these parasitic developments.
Crime: We should not have to put up with no-go areas where drugs are sold openly on the streets, destroying local business, and putting our elderly & most vulnerable at risk. In a town of over 25k, there should be adequate resources to keep our streets safe. As a Councillor, I will not rest until anti-social behaviour is dealt with in a way that (at the very least) forms a deterrent against repeated offences. The Peter McVerry House is ground zero for this behaviour. I will recommend the Peter McVerry Trust be given an ultimatum, either clean up your policy around drug use & access or relocate away from schools, business & residential areas.


Roads: I will do everything in my power to undo the dangerous mess caused to the main street in Newbridge by the unused cycle lanes. This over-funded, under-planned obstacle course is a disaster waiting to happen. It is a miracle that nobody has yet been seriously injured or killed. As a draughtsman, I have worked on countless traffic calming projects. Only a few short years ago, no council in the country would have approved such a spontaneous development with zero foresight for the impact on an already heavily congested main street. All individuals, groups or NGO’s who lobbied, influenced or fast tracked this project in any way need to be made known with a full audit conducted & made available to the public. These hazards to pedestrians, cyclists & road users alike will be removed as soon as humanly possible.


Culture & Learning: As a father with four children under the age of twelve, I intend to use my position as a Councillor to highlight the overt sexualisation and confusion of our school children with trans & gender ideology. Schools should be a place of learning, not for indoctrinating innocent young minds with a radical ideology that can eventually lead to irreversible “medical” treatments. We need to let kids be kids again!


A lot of people have asked me why I am so focused on illegal immigration whilst other candidates are committed to Schools, Social housing, GP’s etc etc.. My answer is simple, these candidates are trying to treat the symptoms, I am going straight after one of the main root causes.


No rational government would house people who entered this country illegally before housing their own. No rational government would pull medical cards from its own citizens whilst handing them out with no conditions to everyone who crosses our borders illegally. What is going on in this country is criminal, plain & simple. It is blatant discrimination against the native Irish people. We don’t have to be quiet and pretend this is OK, no sane person can defend what is going on.


Our incumbent candidates are running almost identical campaigns to 5 years ago because nothing they promised has been achieved. One incumbent is now promising a local swimming pool. Talk about tone deaf with zero respect for the intelligence of the electorate! We lost our only public swimming pool on her watch! If you vote for me on June 7th, I will be your voice in the Council. I will not be bullied, intimidated or coerced into decisions that are detrimental to our towns & communities.