Leanne O'Neill

Hello, my name is Leanne O’Neill. I am a 35 year old woman from Newbridge and I am running as an Independent Candidate in the Local Electorate Area of Newbridge on June 7th. I have always been very proud to have grown up in Newbridge, with many things to do, the friendly atmosphere, the ease in which going up town was met with friends and neighbours, the curragh at our feet. I think we all are very proud of Newbridge and our surrounds. My background is in Nursing & Healthcare and in more recent years managing my own small business. My family and I have always been active members of our community, and continue to be. Through campaigning for various reasons over the years, it has given me great insight to how local politics functions and the lack of wheels turning. I am acutely aware of the many different problems within our town at present and I plan to tackle these issues in local government as soon as possible. With the increase in crime, drug use and population the once friendly culture we had is being diminished. Our small businesses are closing down, our parents worried, people living in poverty and the demand for basic services do not meet the public needs.

My Priorities: 

Housing and Homelessness:  There are no adequate homeless service or social supports for people who find themselves without a home in Ireland. I will fight for better services and create a support system within KCC to help with the increase in people experiencing homelessness. I will campaign to have Peter McVerry’s House relocated and provide a more suitable hostel for people in need. I will continue to provide up to date information on any new developments within our area and push for local people to be a priority in securing a home.

Crime and Drugs:  We have a serious problem with crime and drugs around our town and in our estates. We have been communicating with the local Garda and have been asking for more garda presence on our streets. We have also began monthly meetings in the Town Hall to discuss our concerns and to create awareness.

Health Services:  The health services in Newbridge do not meet the demands of the public. Our services are under resourced, dysfunctional or non-existent. I will work towards solutions to try and combat the backlog. I will support people who find accessing healthcare difficult.